J W Parr Documentary coming!!!!

Yesterday's local paper here on the Gold Coast had an article reporting
that John Wayne Parr will be the subject of a documentary made by The
National Geographic channel! The documentary will follow J W Parr for
the next year as he chases the title in K1 MAX. It will also feature
interviews with 2003 champion, Masato, & also Buakow,..the Thai who
beat J W Parr in last years finals of the K1 MAX.

Sounds great,..can't wait for this doco!

  • Juggs

that would be good to see.

so when is your doco coming out Juggs??

That is/was a good question Hamish.....after months of "lost the
tapes", "master missing", "need new computer", "need to get artwork
done" it is now finished!! Finally!!

Hamish, I just bought a new Pro DV Camera recently and got a new
iMAC (power baby!, power!) and finally the "lost" artwork back..all for
Christmas. I will get some covers for the Japan MMA doco printed very
early next month and will mail ya the first copy.

I also JUST finished a dvd of the last UQ Bjj & Submission Grappling
Comp and it will be ready in January too.

For those that are interested,..here's bringing you up to speed.

MMA Japan - This is a doco I did of my last trip to Tokyo back in April.
It features a full SHOOTO match between Jin Kazeta & Katsuya Toida
(sp?), training at Academa Az with Toshiyuki Wadu, being lost in
yakuza heavy Kabukicho after only 5 hrs sleep, halftime joking with Bas
Rutten at a Pancrase event, MMA toy shopping, my trip to PRIDE GP
Opening Round and a whole lot more. My first doco and I've shown
Elvis and Kezza this doco and they liked it alot.

The 4th UQ Bjj & Submission Grappling Comp - Even thou I got roped
into refing (blame Coop!!) for most of the bjj matches (D-Man caught
the gi action for me), I managed to shoot the submission grappling
stuff too. Edited together, the dvd runs for 1 and a half hours and
features a killer soundtrack. Some great matches on this dvd.

Anyone interested in a copy of these dvd's,..just holla. I will keep prices
cheap cause I do 'em for you guys, the fans, not for money.

Also,..I did a short doco (5 minutes) on Jacob "Dinosaur Jake" Sidic at
SPARTAN 11 which was entered into a short film comp and officially
selected to travel the country for said travelling short film festival.
Reviews were really good and I'm currently filming more on Jaje to
possibly extend the short into a feature length doco.



Juggs'UQ Bjj & Submission Grappling Comp is really good. I was surprised how good a job he did considering he is new to the game and had only one cam. Keep up the good work, Juggs!

Thanks for the kind words Kezza

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Juggs that would be awesome, can't wait to see it.

Hey Juggs - If you got the majority of mine and my girlfriends (Isabel's) matches on tape then you can sign me up for a copy - It'd make me welcome when I get to Brazil! :)


Aussie Gumby,...what's ya last name? Is it Billington? And yes,..I know
there's at least one of Isabel's matches on there.

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John Pedersen

jwp thing sounds cool!

juggs juggs juggs....

at the risk of being elevated higher up your psycho serial killer hit list i must say the following... where the fu%% is my copy m&tha fu%%a?!!

and correction, thats john 'i tapped from being under side-control' pedersen ;) hehe

ahhhh,.BIG John!...yeah there's at least 3 battles on there of you mate!

Coop,..I get Wednesday off work so the Post Office is number one on
the "shit to do list" for you,...just ahead of "kill Coops!" ;P

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Hey Matt - I believe my performance in that match is a direct reflection on my instructor :p

Juggs: I'm off to Brazil at the end of January so... where, when, how and how much?

John...email me at planetofthetapes@yahoo.com and we'll work
something out ok?

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pwnitat0r,...you got mail.

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