Jacare has announced his retirement from MMA

Definitely the right decision.

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Definitely good decision. USADA Jacare has been lackluster.

6 losses in his last 8 fights.

Walks away at age 41 with a 26-10 record in pro MMA.


USDA has another victim. Surpised that Vitor went on as long as he did. Not to mention Diego Sanchez now wanting a bare knuckle with a wide waist and non-mean face

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Feel like that time when the MW title pic was in turmoil was towards the end of his prime and that really hurt his chances. Believe that was in between his loss to Romero and Whittaker or Gastelum?

Also for the USADA skeptics, his body did go thru the deflation phase but upon a look at his record, i don’t think that’s the only thing (even if it was at all). I can’t remember when USADA came in but his loss to Romero was super close and that was Romero. Then he lost to Whittaker and that was Whittaker on the come up and had a perfect style to beat him. Then he lost to Gastelum which I didn’t see but Gastelum also proved to be a top 5 guy at the time iirc. By the time he started his 4 loss skid with Hermanson, he was around 39.

In between the Romero and Hermanson losses, he beat Vitor, Boetsch, Brunson and Weidman so I don’t think the USADA shows a sudden drop off at all.

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Respect to him. No shame in not being able to hang with the top guys anymore at age 41 and no point taking more damage. I hope he has a happy and healthy retirement,




nothing but respect. I wish him well in all future endeavors.

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Super skeptical about MMA retirements.

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I always felt he was unlucky to never fight for the belt.

I wonder what he’ll do now. Would be interesting to see him do grappling/BJJ. But from what I gather he’s a very good coach.

First off BEEP.
Second off, I don’t know how to post pics. So allow me to describe with great detail the body of men whom I admire.

I’m curious if anyone else has noticed how amazing Jacare has looked. He is completely shredded now. He was always muscular, not Ronnie Coleman muscular, but more like a grass fed GSP, but his definition has really turned me on. Similar to Vitor’s alpha physique. Look at Vitor when he fought Terry Martin or Hendo, and compare his build to his physique now. Can you say ‘Java Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream’?? Anybody?? Look at Jacare when he fought Mousassi and then him at yesterday’s weigh ins. Ugh. It’s not fair.

He’s too old to make a serious run at BJJ or grappling right now, especially with the monsters that are in there these days.
Maybe a few masters’ divisions or superfights though. He was at the top of the heap during his prime.

Great MMA fighter and one of the best grapplers of all time. Hespect.