Jack Brown Interview: Dany Lauzon

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                                Jack Brown Interview: Dany Lauzon

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Looking forward to seeing him in WSOF..Dany vs. McKee would be an interesting match-up. 

good interview, some good insight from a young guy who has seen the bottom of the valley and the top of the hill, my guess is that some day he will stand on the mountain

Voted up for putting the content on here.

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Won't be surprised to see Dany tear apart the 155 division in WSOF. Kid still has so much talent. Phone Post

He's a good dude. Always wish the best for Boston Crew.

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Great interview.

Always a Lauzon fan.

I love that they realize the importance of finishing and come to do it everytime, not use some cop out pointfighting strategy when they can't actually outfight their opponent. The Lauzon's show that if someone's strategy is truly focused on threatening/finishing, they will be able to most of the time when they win.

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Wow!!! Congratulations, Dany! Phone Post

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Joe Lauzon - Ttt Phone Post 3.0

Great to see how proud you are of your brother! Phone Post