Jackson vs. Griffin - Tix on Sale Saturday (pic)

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rghghghgh new forum...Why didn't my picture post?

How do you post a pic now??

Oh well, guess you don't want to see the UFC 86 poster.

 Switch to HTML and paste it in....

Thanks for showing me the light.


CRE - Nice poster, what is Rampage 6'1 and Forrest 6'3?

I believe that is correct.

how bout the 85 poster pic too?


The 86 poster is fucking awesome. One of the best ones they've ever done.

Dump Melvin!!!!!

^^^ I agree with HULK - get rid of that punk!

Tickets on-sale tomorrow. Today with the password, Coach.

pretty cool posters


A disgrace to mma. A total disgrace.

How can zuffa claim to have the top fighters at 205 and then match this bum griffin against rampage?

Even if your a zuffa supporter, how the hell do you put griffin in the top 5 of zuffa's fighters at 205. He's better than Lyoto? Tito? Evans? Jardine, Thaigo Silva? James Ervin? Even a washed up Liddell beats that clown.

What a fucking disgrace to mma. zuffa, go away.

 Hot  tomato,

 to say cole is a borderline WEC fighter is pretty lame.

He will win more fights in the UFC than he loses.