Jake Hadley vs. Allan Nascimento

Up next… I got Hadley

I’ll take the Brazilian

Lets go Mini forrest griffin

Hadley via decision.

I’ll take the undefeated guy.

Nice rolling so far

Hadley looks small compared to Allan

RD 1: 10-9, Nascimento.

1-0 Nascimento

What’s up UG!!!

RD 1: 10-9, Nascimento.
RD 2: 10-9, Nascimento.

20-18, Nascimento.

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Hadley fights like a fuckin idiot.This card is garbage

beer drinking GIF by South Park

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He didn’t stand up when he had the chance and now look at him.

RD 1: 10-9, Nascimento.
RD 2: 10-9, Nascimento.
RD 3: 10-9, Nascimento.

30-27, Nascimento.

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Good call.

Hadleys hands looked so slow along with his reactions to takedowns.

Clean sweep for Allan

Thanks. Now if you’re smart, you’ll bet the opposite of my next 2 picks.

There’s a reason i dont gamble.

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These Brazilians looked jacked and fucking huge