Jake Paul calls out KSI

“Oh shit…! The Junkyard Dog just called out Jimmy Super Fly Snuka…!”


Still can’t digest the fact that jake KOed a UFC champion?

Nah, I’m indifferent to it all. Just funnin’ ya.

Ncaa all American too

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Jake Paul is a faggot.

Jake Paul is a modern day gladiator

…of dick.

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Jake paul is the current GOAT

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Jake Paul couldn’t beat two-thirds of the people posting in this thread.

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KSI should accept but with conditions that jake weigh 170, not 180 lbs…a rehydration clause, severe monetary penalties for any weight overages, and drug testing for fighter safety and all. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander

Jake Paul would destroy anyone on this site. Including some ufc champions

Maybe at pinochle.