Jake Paul Declined Drug Testing for upcoming fight

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Jake Paul has reportedly declined to have drug testing ahead of his upcoming fight against Tommy Fury.
Fury’s dad, John Fury, recently revealed in an interview with Marca that Paul and his team declined drug testing for the fight. Fury’s team was pushing for VADA (voluntarily anti-doping association) to handle the drug testing which was shot down.

“There’s all kinds of stuff in the contract, as you’ve got to do this and you’ve got to do that,” said John Fury about Paul-Fury. “I could go into it more and more, but I don’t want to bore people with the politics. They wouldn’t sign up to the VADA testing as well. That bothered me a little bit because I wanted that in the contract, but they wouldn’t do that.”

Not having drug testing is disappointing news for Team Fury as Tommy Fury is used to doing multiple drug tests for his fights. Yet, it is not something that will cancel the fight as it is a scrap Fury wants and knows he can win with ease.

As long as this story ends with TRT Vitor going full roid-hulk on Jake Paul inside the ring, I’m ok with it.


I remember Dan Gable explaining his mindset about PED’s: when he finds out his opponent is taking PED’s, he knew his opponent is not confident in his abilities or preparation whereas Dan was supremely confident that he did everything he could to prepare for his bout.

I reckon Tommy’s going to win.


If they didn’t like it they shouldn’t have signed the contract.

Now that the rules have been defined everyone can react accordingly.

It’s Fury that already looks suspect to me anyway.

Jake was probably worried about Fury getting popped and jeopardizing his payday. :wink:

Tell that whole confidence thing to TRT Vitor’s opponents, and bisping’s eye especially


Mind over matter? Could he levitate his teapot too?

Of course.

Why the fuck wouldn’t this multimillionaire cunt kid be taking PEDs to compete in a combat sport?

Can’t color me surprised. I’d be amazed if he wasn’t on PEDs, genuinely



Besides the health effects, what you lose when you use ster*ids is mental toughness . The key to victory is that the strongest mind wins. You can get physical strength with sterids, but you lose the mental toughness (you would have gained) from brutal hard work. Sterids hurt mental toughness by serving as a crutch.”Oct 24, 2015

Gable is the man

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So now Tommy Fury is Dan Gable?

Dem Sterids

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Survivorship bias. It worked for Gable and now he thinks it’s applicable in every situation.

Fury Sr. comes off like a total shitbag.

This. He’s a sloppy looking skinny fat youtuber with no athletic background or genetic advantage.

He fuken needs peds imo

Jon Jones be like …I didn’t know we could do that.

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He is drug user chicken fucker.

Except steroids and especially increased DHT are correlated with increased mental well being, and confidence

Im Not Surprised Nate Diaz GIF by UFC

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