Jake Paul vs Charlie Z 🥊

So far Jake Paul has destroyed every man he’s faced. Knocked them all out cold. The critics say Paul has yet to face a boxer. Jake Paul vs Charlie Z is a cult classic.

In a battle between Jake Paul and Charlie Z who would you favor? 10 rounds of boxing.


I would buy the ppv


It would have to be in a cage cuz Charlie gonna bolt at first sign of trouble.


Make it a lumberjack match.


Can we just do a land mine match where they both lose?


Lol, Jake Paul would knock Charlie Z dead.

You’d have to install an RFID shock collar on Charlie to keep him in the cage past the beginning of Round 2.


Where you at Charlie Z, where you at motherfucker

Jake is a decent amateur / low rank pro with good power.

Charlie is a nutjob who tells people he wants help with light sparring then throws everything he has at them to try to knock them out.

When anyone fights back Charlie runs away and cries, then when he’s done crying declares himself the winner.

He and his nutjob family should all be behind bars.

Jake would be the Babyface in that debacle.

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I’ll take Charlie Z all day over Jerk Paul…

I always thought our very own very own dan the Wolfman should fight Charlie Z

It should be in cage, 5meter tall fence

Pity Deontay didn’t KO charlie cold

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