Jake Roshalt vs Bobby Ott: Knee down rule....

may have been discussed on here before, since it happened in June, but I was in the hospital then. Just saw it now. Rosholt (whom I don't much care for his style), dominated for three rounds, and the fight SHOULD have been stopped for the massive cut on the bridge of Otts nose. with like 40 seconds to go in the fight, and covered in his own blood, Ott got back to one knee and Rosholt made the mistake of throwing his knee strike to Otts jaw. Ott immediatey stands back up , walks to the middle of the ring, puts his hands on his waist. Moments later, he begins staggering and falls down and can't continue.

It isnt even a NC, they disqualify Jake and Ott wins. Even worse, in the post fight interview, he just talks about how he never gives up and always finds a way to win. lol

YET ANOTHER fight where the one knee down rule is shown to be stupid and change the outcome of a fight. It doesn't make sense. How is it MORE dangerous to knee a guy who is on one knee vs crouching on his feet?

Jon Ott? Phone Post

I may have the name wrong. the guy went the distance (and lost) against the unimpressive Bobby Lashley a couple months ago.

Pretty sure this was updated to a NC recently? 

God I hope so.