Jake Shields says he's the man to dethrone GSP

Jake Shields goes one on one with MMACanada.net in Montreal following Georges St-Pierre's successful defeat of Josh Koscheck. Shields is the next man in line for the title shot and thinks his wrestling and Jiu Jitsu skills are superior enough to dethrone GSP in their upcoming title fight. Don't miss this one on one with former Strikeforce champion Jake Shields.

 Wasnt this just posted?

Oh no he isn't... Phone Post

i dunno..if he can make it a ground war and take GSP down i suppose yes he could stand a chance.I do think his BJJ is better than GSP's but if he can't take him down he's screwed....If he wins it will be a decision i figure..having said all that i think that his chances are below 50% for a win..

Wow. I've never been a fan of Jake Shields, but I'm impressed with how realistic he is about this match up; admitting that he may not have an advantage in wrestling and that his only plus is BJJ.

If GSP does beat Jake then i really do think he should move up to 185.Watching reruns gets boring!!then he truly has cleaned out the division forsure.

I read that Jake Shields was in Thailand recently, working on his standup skills, but after what I saw in GSP's last fight, it may a day late and a dollar short for Shields. Even before the Koscheck fight I would have given GSP a huge advantage in the standup, but the gap appears to have widened.

If Jake could get GSP to the ground and work his jiu jitsu, then anything could happen, but it's been a long time since GSP was submitted...since the first Hughes fight.


Thanks for the laugh! Phone Post

GSP by destruction.

GSP will have the wrestling to keep it on the feet, and stop him within 3 rounds.

I want to chat with the interviewer guy and teach him to speak more naturally.

Or, he should just have a robot ask the questions instead.

True, Shields does have a chance, but it is very slim. Will Shields be able to cut down to 170 without affecting his performance on fight day? Will he be able to take down and keep GSP on the ground? GSP would win this fight. Phone Post

Just like BJ, Fitch, Thiago, Hardy and Kos was able to do it as well lol.

GSP by whatever he wants.

Dana knows what he's doing with this match. Too bad the fans don't see it though.

He knows that Shields really doesn't stand a chance against GSP. This fight is being put on for 1 reason only; to solidify that the UFC has the best fighters in MMA. Period. Nothing more than a dick-waving contest by Dana; "Give us YOUR Champion and watch him get his ass handed to him!"

UFC > Strikeforce

Every challenger to GSP"s throne says that before the fight...if GSP can keep this standing, this could be the fight he gets a win from konckout rather than decision...

"Jake Shields says he's the man to dethrone GSP."

Sorry Jake...but no...no you`re not.

ChokeEmOut -  Yeah, and Obama was the man to save America too right? lol

Zamiel - Something I believe people are overlooking about this fight, is that Jake doesn't need to take down GSP in a conventional way, he can initiate his offense by pulling guard.

 You think Shield's bottom game would be a threat with GSP on top?

LOL @ GSP by whatever he wants. Yeah I'm sure he wants to go to a Decision every fight.

Anyways, if GSP is ever going to get a finish, this would be the fight. Shields' striking is severely lacking and his ground game is more about control than it is submissions. He doesn't have good GNP and will have trouble holding GSP down even if he got him there. Shields will probably gas himself shooting some desperation shots and leave himself open to get finished with strikes on the ground.

HAHAHA C'mon Jake stop trollin.

GSP wins this