Jake Shields -vs- Matt Lindland

this fight has been brewing for ages will a sleeping aid company please put this fight together.

Maybe the winner can fight Jason Black!


Jake Shields will out wrestle anyone for 15 minutes

or not out wrestle them for 15 minutes

SD Jones = ufc4life99

dry hump.... that would mean that the match would have some action in it.

I for one will not give them that much credit.

you suck at trolling, but are very good at talking to yourself.

i think Lindlan vs Shields would turn out to be a decent grappling match, lots of transitions

one thing you gotta give both credit for, is the skills on the mat

I agree, if NAGA could get these two together it could be something special. However if the UFC did it I would shoot my TV

Jake Shields is the Dan Severn of striking

could you imagine the pre fight interview where Lindland has the opertunity to declaire that he is the better stiker?

Isnt that kind of like the Cubs winning the world series? the world might end

I am trying to come up with a more boring fighter to watch than Jake Shields, but I cant right now.... give me until tomorrow and I might have an answer.

Mark Coleman is pretty damn boring.

I like it when Jake tells people not to compair him to his early fights because his stand up is so good right now.

Jake, news flash I dont even think that you have seen your stand up yet. In fact I am willing to bet you own a pair of boxing gloves.

Wrestling shoes = absolutly
Boxing Gloves = No fucking way

Coleman does take chances, shields holds on for dear life

are you guys looking to get banned?

its one thing to say hes boring, but to keep it up for a long period of time is just asking for trouble

Jake is a pro fighter, which is more than any of us can say....give the man some respect for that

does coleman take chances?

Jake Shields trolls this place to no end, why would you say giving him a taste of his own medicine will get me banned.

I personally like his posts, but dont like his style of fighting.

that is all

becasue they have banned people for saying much less

being rude and bashing the pros is instant banning in alot of cases

im just giving you a heads up...i could care less , im just trying to point out the obivious

I agree as good of a troll as Jake Shields is he is as equally boring to watch fight.

When I am at a live show the minute I hear them mention his name I know that I will have enough time to use the bathroom and purchase some popcorn only to get back to my seat with plenty of time to see some real action.... in the next fight.