Jamal Patterson is the man

sub win over the very tough Horwich in his MMA debut...

This guy can gonna go very very far in MMA...

Wow, that is very impressive. Horwich is a tough SOB and comes from a great camp.

Good job Jamal.

wow VERY VERY impressive win

Super impressive, for a debut match. Funny, the two guys to won for team Renzo were the two guys who were 0-0.


Great win- I knew this was a great matchup for Jamal.

Matt's strength is his ground game, and he cannot match Jamal's bjj skills!

Wow and isn't this Jamal's debut.

way to go jamal,hes a great guy also

This wasn't Jamal's MMA debut?

i had the honor to roll with jamal , few weeks ago. i had no doubt he was going to win , he in great shape , and unreal jiu-jitsu ,great job ,jamal


Jamal at 185?

The fight was at 205... Jamal is way to big for 185.. he walks around at a ripped 219 or so..


I've heard nothing but good things about Jamal's skills. Congrats.


Yeah... Jamal is legit. The first time that I saw him roll was up in Canada for the North American Abu Dhabi, and he was one of the most impressive guys that I saw up there. I think that he can go a long way in the sport, and I can't wait to see him fight in person.

Props to Jamal for a big win.