james mcsweeney vs matti makela oct. 6 sc 8


easy knockout or submission win for mcsweeney to get him one nore step closer to the big shows, personally thought he should havr veen on the uk card, he got the second biggest pops at 120 along wiyh hathaway and he was the first fight.

Its either that or off to duabi to fight for a new promotion down there.

Be shocked if this fight happens causr his opponent has another fight next week, hipe its a complete bum and he wins in 1 minute.

James by ko 90 seconds in the opening round

  Swede Matti Mäkelä Versus TUF’s James McSweeney at Superior Challenge 8

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Is the kato bielkedan fight still on?

Bielkheden is fighting Marcus Davis. Phone Post

Lorenthz - 

Bielkheden is fighting Marcus Davis. Phone Post

i will take beilkhedan by sub or ud.

Sux monson is off the card also

Its great he has been working hard on his ground game but hope we see a knockout in this fight, its been to long since we seen him strike with someone.

Says he will put him to sleep, hoping for some nasty leg kicks and constant knees, want the mcsweeney of old to return.  

James McSweeney vs. Michael McDonald by BOXEN99


can't wait to see james back in the big show and making an impact soon

SandraBullockFan - can't wait to see james back in the big show and making an impact soon

he will be back before the end of the year,hoping a lhw gets injured on yhe nottingham card,he will definetly get a call then

From mcsweeneys twitter

im going to Sweden to paint a master piece!!! Show the world im ready for the UFC. This time i'm a complete fighter.

He is ready to shut the haters up, got the best coaches anyone could have, i feel sorry for metti makela.