James Thompson vs. Shogun???

That's what Thompson said on mmaweekly.

I heard it a few weeks ago, but figured it was just a ridiculous rumor.

Weird matchup. How much weight will Shogun be giving up?

Shogun by KO or sub.


Chute Boxe has been planning for Shogun to go up to heavy for some time now... It's no suprise that he is jumping up, and really .. based on talent, I think he'll handle Thompson for the win. I think Shogun will be in the low 220s, or maybe even a little below that.

Can't see how Shogun can lose.

Isnt Shogun to small for heavyweight? This sounds like a seniority thing, with Shogun moving up so Silva can reign and Middleweight. Kinda wrong IMO seeing how Shogun is younger and is just hitting his peak. Moving up may hurt his career