Jan stand up from the ground needs serious work

I was rooting for Jan and am happy he won. I was nervous when he was on the ground. I think he needs a lot of help getting up from his back. He doesn’t need subs just sweeps and getting up with his back to the cage.

His striking was brilliant


He came close with that triangle but yea he wasnt able to scramble enough on the ground. I feel if Rakic was able to continue he would of been able to secure takedowns and stay on top to get the decison. If Glover wins some how and they rematch he will maul Jan on the floor again.


Sorry to be a hater but that was 100% Rakic having 0 IQ there, a more competent sub guy would’ve finished him. Jans work off his back gets an F- from me.

Don’t want to bash him but he’s not getting the title again and that’s tough to do anyways

I wouldn’t give him an F, but for a top fighter his bottom game is seriously lacking. It seems like he could work on some basics and build off that.

The blue print to beat Jan has been mapped out and if he fights Texiera again he will probably lose the same way

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I’m sure simply ‘getting up’ from underneath an elite fighter like Rakic is easy. Maybe you should teach him.

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What a stupid response.