January 2005 update...

Happy New Year everyone!

My January 2005 update will break new ground. I am still working
on it and plan to have it finished by early next week. When I finish
it, I will need to e-mail it to everyone because it will be in a PDF
format. (To think that I paid over $12,000 for the development of
my web site and I can't even upload a simple pdf for others to
download )

This pdf file will contain A TON of text, some graphics, and a few
instructional video clips. This pdf file will definitely be something
you will want to save and archive. I will show some Kalis
Ilustrisimo training method, a couple of advanced Brazilian Jiu
Jitsu techniques, as well as demonstrate some unique counters to
the PFS stuff I trained for so many years (destructions and the

I look forward to presenting this to you in seven to ten days. If you
would like your own copy of this pdf file, please e-mail at
royharris@runbox.comwith a subject line entitled, "PDF file

Good training to all of you,

Roy Harris

For those of you who write to me by this evening, Monday, January 10,
and ask me to send you the PDF file, look for it in your inbox on
Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. For those who can wait for
the update, I will post the update this upcoming weekend. However, it
will be a text only update.

Roy Harris

did they make it out wednesday? i emailed by monday night but didn't receive it, hopefully my junk mail filter didn't get a hold of it.