Japanese best fans?

I still love how they cheer and appreciate technical things like getting side control or a slick sub attempt. They also gave bader a verbal yellow card when he deserved it. Also the roar when they heard The pride music gave me goosebumps. Phone Post

 The Japanese crowds have always been the best. There's just no comparison, they hands down are the most knowledgable and respectful fans in the world.

 I think the Japanese prove time and time again that whether it's MMA or music, they are the most loyal fans on the planet.

I LOVED the crowd last night.  When I heard them clapping for Boetsch after he finished Okami, I was floored. What an amazing culture.

Dogmeat 1 -  aruging over who has the best fans is always going to be touchy issue that will likely go down the path of nationalism/racism. There are actually plenty of good crowds regardless of the country but I've always loved the fact that the japanese fans will pay respect to any fighter regardless of nationality if they put up a good fight.

The okami/Boetsch fight is a perfect example. Okami is one of the best japanese fighters right now, and probably the best ever in terms of octagon performances. Yet when boetsch came back in the 3rd for the ko win nearly everyone was cheering for him. It would be pretty rare to see a home crowd cheer for a foreigner if the same situation occurred in the us or Brazil. Silence or booing would be a more likely result Phone Post
yeah..that was pretty awesome they cheered for boetsch even though i was really pulling for okami


a lot better then drunk Americans who all have a fight story with an undefeated bar record screaming kneeeeeeeeeeeeees all fight long