Japanese MMA 101

All the news of Hatsu Hioki signing with the UFC has got me interested in checking out more Japanese MMA. I have to admit since the downfall of PRIDE I haven't really paid much attention to it.

I'm familiar with the some of the big names like Sakuraba, Aoki, Kawajiri, Sakurai, Gomi etc... but I'm looking to expand my horizons.

Who are the stars of the current generation of Japanese MMA fighters? Any recommendations for particular exciting fights / events to watch?

Japanese MMA unfortunately has not recovered since Prides downfall. Im not aware of many Japanese talents that could hack it on the international stage.

Teh Spider - This topic reminded me off Goldberg for some reason, must have been the 101 part. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

I'm the Michael Jordan of Goldberg-like posts.

Imanari is pretty slick at playing his style but kind of a one trick pony.