Japanese Suicide Prevention Website

If you're ever feeling down, and if you can read Japanese, go to: http://kakula.jp/homeSalon/.

...and be bombarded w/ compliments.

you know, there are times when i need a pick me up--sadly studying kanji but still sucking at it, was one of the reasons i want to off myself.

*Feels stupid for never learning to read Japanese and feels like killing myself


Those wacky Japanese!

^Indeed. Thread backfire! LOL

To be honest, I can only read slightly more than half of it, but even that little bit is enough. I liked that it caters the messages to your gender and your profession, too.

I totally understand the anguish of not being fully literate in Japanese, though. What my lack of Japanese literacy means to me is this: Even if I had the financial means to live there, I'd have a hard time integrating into their society, because I'd be held to a higher standard that I can't really reach at this point. I don't have magical hapa powers, so they're going to expect me to know all kinds of cultural shit that I'm completely clueless about due to growing up on the mainland.

We couldn't even work at McDonald's because the buttons on the register are in Kanji. LOL!

I guess Misu Shobai buy me drinkiny boy is the only answer!

lol, i barely get by reading the last names on fujitv. then of course the names of cities and towns and stuff. the rest--garble. :(