jardine looks like

the leperchan in the leperchan movies when he smiles. or is it just me?

Lep in the Hood

dude from the original Hills Have Eyes imo.

^made me think of Rob Zombies "House of a Thousand Corpses"

Tim Sylvia reminds me of Tiny the way he drags his back leg across the Octagon.

yeah sylvia does kinda look like tiny

Thanks for the picture of Jardine, now let's get a picture of the Leprechaun so we can compare them.

givem a staff and he'd have lead in some sorta D & D  movie

Oddessa, I never figured you for a nerd...

He looks like a giant elf. Honestly, picture him in an elf hat.

Ahhh, a good thread to post my photoshop from the past!

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Tiny fucked a stump.

"faster! faster!"


Jardine will give chuck hell imo......Gonna be a good fight. Jardines game and has nothing to lose but chuck is in the same boat.......gonna be danDY....

the sardine

UFC 80 : OZ