Jason Black Finally in UFC!



good show

Awesome... He's a beast... I'm almost more impressed Aoki submitted him than Hansen!

Look forward to this.

good news..

TTT for my distant relative..

He had a tough loss to Aoki, then again it turned out that Aoki is simply that good.

This is somebody who overpaid their dues, he should be a stable member of UFC or PRIDE long long time ago.

yawn, only interested in seeing him rematch Chad Saunders. If no Chad, who cares.

ttt Hell yeah!

Good to hear. He has been overlooked for almost 5 years

paging chad saunders... paging chad saunders

lol ^ !

LOOOOONG over due, imho.

if they're bringing in black, they should bring back wisniewski for a rematch. i know that niether of them are as pretty as the TUF guys but they are both good fighters.

ttt for Ottumwa, IA


Awesome. ttt

definitely about time. He should have been given a one off fight years ago. I say one off because he had teammates in the division, and they could have brought him back in years later with some recognition. Either way, it'll be good to see a well deserved debut.

Nice, shoulda been in a while ago

The ONLY good thing about that town is the Canteen, IMO.

You watch Roseanne too much...but what ever you opinion of the town is, its twice as bad now...

Jeez. talk about long over due. That man should have been in the UFC decades ago. TTT for Black.

Awesome for Jason--