Jason Chambers wins by RNC

round 1

any other results?

which one of his students did he choke out?


Rand McPherson - any other results?

**from owned ent.

Results from xakx via text:

-Mike Cannon did not fight because whole team got kicked out by police for unsportsmanlike like behavior

-Emmanuel Eddy wins via tapout round 1, arm triangle from top possition 2:33

-fight chix sponsoring ring girls

-Cole bujosebic wins decision, great fight, crowd was on their feet most of the fight, cole kept letting him up so he can strike..

-Marcos estrada wins via tapout due to strikes round 1. Ref did not notice the tapout but marcos got up and told the ref. Very cool of him..

-Roberto delgado Draw, his fight via majority decision, great fight. Draw was a good call for this fight..

-Erik tweedt lost against one of the guys from xakx team via ko due to ground n pound round 1, 1:23

-Miguel is in the cage with his kid in hand, talking about his next fight

-guy wins via ref stoppage due to ground in pound round 1, 1:43, not sure names

-Eric rasmussen wins via ref stoppage due to ground n pound, round 1, first he made him bleed, then he dropped him and finished him in a bit over 4 min

-Alberta arebala lost via ref stoppage due to strikes, round 2

-Juan de dios magana wins via KO, round 1, 4:00, great KO 

I want a rematch


Conor Heun - I want a rematch

everyone wants a piece of man candy

Thanks for the credit Melee! The Chamber's shirt looks great and Melee makes an amazing shirt. I have the cock fight shirt and its one of the most comfortable shirts I own! Quality shirts and good artistic designs as well..

Also seen Rogan wearing Melee and they make the Eddie Bravo shirts..

"-Erik tweedt lost against one of the guys from xakx team via ko due to ground n pound round 1, 1:23"

arm triangle, yo.

Ryan King def. Bill whatever what later got his whole team kicked out via tko 1:20 r1.

Hoorah 4 Marcos Estrada!!

Congrats 4 Juan Magana!!!!!!


Nice work J. Time to call out Fedor......


TTT for Jason.

Way to win

 Good job, M.C. Jason;)




Congrats to West Hollywood's finest!


Thanks guys!

I want to Thank Dan New fo taking the fight. He's a very tuff kid with heavy hands and I expect great things from him in the future. (he beat 2 guys I cornered...bastard :)

Thanks to everyone at 10th Planet and ATT for helping me get ready for this fight. Especially Din "textin" Thomas !

Special thanks to Melee Fight Gear (www.Meleefightgear.com) for creating a bad ass shirt!

Also big thanks to Attack Mode Athletics and On The Matt for the gear and support!

It was great to be back in Chicago,