Jason Maxwell vs. Godzilla??

I heard Jason Maxwell is suppossed to be fighting forum member Godzilla for the WEC belt in January. Any truth to that?


Too many changes can happen from now until then,so I wouldn`t get my mind set on that fight.WEC and 155 pounders seems like a revolving door up until fight time.

I remeber seeing on a thread that here last week that Jason said he was fighting the winner. But you are right about the injury bug. I know that Jason is training hard and is ready to bring that belt back to Texas with him. Hopefully this fight will happen!

I also seen the thread that you are talking about.

What about Tim McKenzie vs. Montoya for the belt???

I have got a PRO membership bet on the "Wrecking Machine" if this fight does happen.

Any takers?

Way to go out on a limb there Crowbar.

Hey, my year is almost up,so this would be a good time to get a new one free of charge.


Good idea, but unless Montoya has a friend on here I don't see this happening. Also, isn't McKenzie part of that reality show?

Hopefully Tim will come back on and answer your question.

The belt will stay in California for a long time. =)

The belt will stay in California for a long time.

Jason Maxwell is moving to California?

Godzilla, can you confirm the fight? Or is it still to early?

you mean you aren't going to bring it to Oz when you visit? I seriously doubt that.

I imagine you wearing it even on the beach

the rev

Well then I got a PRO membership bet on "Godzilla" if this fight happens.

Any takers?

Godzilla will keep it in Cali!!..


I've heard rumors of this, but no WEC promoter has contacted me.


Crowbar, if this fight happens. Ill take your bet. Im looking forward to being a pro member. lol