Jason Mayhem Millers crazy ass entrance


the guy is off the hook

 His entrance is the most time he spent on his feet the entire night. 

You mean the time on the ground where Miller was 10 seconds away from putting Sheilds to sleep?

By the scoring criteria Sheilds won, but Miller landed more strikes and was closer to finishing him than Sheilds was of finishing Miller

genki sudo copy!

It felt forced and proved to be a complete waste of time.

hiptosser - off the hook?

He ripped off Genki Sudo!!


"By the scoring criteria Sheilds won".


And the entrance was stupid until one of the dancers almost clocked Mayhem in the face, then it became humorous for about 2 seconds before it became lame again.

 In the post-fight press conference, Mayhem said 'Half of the fight is the entrance, the other half is the actual fight. In the entrance, dances are coordinated much like how in a fight the moves are coordinated. So I won the first half of the 'fight', didn't win the other half though'.

Genki >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> than that.

Mayhem almost getting hit in the face by a dancer is no match for a Japanese cheerleader completely eating shit during a tumbling run:



Mayhem is stupid funny

 dancer landed a harder shot than shields did

 dancer landed a harder shot than shields did

A copy, yes.
Genki Sudo entrances are 100x better, more creative with better dance, music and costumes.

 The GOAT.


Here is a Mayhem vid I can't get enough of.

obviously mayhams a fan of genki sudo's entrances too

cept genki sudo is a japanese pop artist though..which goes to show why his entrances are so shmexy

either way, op is a nub

i agree with you guys about genki hes the man