Jason St-Louis Wins Pro Debut!!

Jason "The SumoSamurai" St-Louis competed in his pro boxing debut in Edmonto Alberta this past Fri. He won his match in just 56 seconds. Threw two jabs, then hooked off of a left jab and knocked his opponent down. He beat the 8 count but was wobbly, the ref let it continue. Jayso put his opponent to the ropes and unloaded. The ref caught his oppent falling forward and ended the bout.

Congratulations on a great first showing Jay, will there be more of the boxing SumoSamurai or was this a one time deal?


sweetness, Jay is a pretty good boxer. I like his footwork. it's crafty like Martha Stewart, real crafty.


Good work!

Cool, Congrats!!! I have been trying to get info on this all week-end. I knew St. Louis had won a fight this week-end but I dind't realize it was a boxing match!.

I've boxed St lOuis and i can say his punches felt like wet napkins hitting my face....JK. Congrats Jay man!

TTT for St Louis!!!


Sylvio Behring



I don't realy have a Boxing coach, I just Box, I do however sparr with National level and pro Boxers so I think I get good rounds like that.

I spar at the Red Deer Boxing Club here in Red Deer.

I will be pursuing many more pro Boxing matches as I have already been offered a fight in Montreal on December 20th however, I will be fighting for the UGC Welterweight title in Montreal on Saturday December 20th, I hope to see you all there....

Munduruca has it all wrong, what happened was when I hit him, he fell to the gound and the slober that was hanging out of his mouth when he hit the floor sounded like a wet napking on the counter surface...:)

Ce Ya!