Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald retires

Damn shame.

Maybe my memory is fuzzy but wasnt his first fight in the UFC down to him being a last minute replacement for someone else? And then he WON? I love those kind of stories - where a guy is bought in , potentially as fodder and then they turn it around and win, going against the script.

From that first fight i was a fan and even on his downturn i was rooting for him, great potential. Always frustrated me he never quite had enough power in his stand up to take it to the next level though (but clearly he could decapitate 99% of this forum with his punches, the MMA in the UFC is just on another level where every bit of power counts).

He spoke about retiring in an interview if I remember correctly . I wish him all the best . Def seems like a good dude .

Loved watching him fight, only ranga I would hope didn't lose, lol. Always came to fight. Respect.

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ghost842 - I always liked his fights, just seemed like he could never get on a roll.

He was one fight away from a possible shot at Anderson early in his career in the UFC.  Came in as the MFC champ, took out Herman and Leben with nice subs, and then was put up against Rich Franklin.  His first 3 losses in the UFC came against guys who have competed for or held the belt.  Franklin, Okami and Maia.   I think one of the biggest problems with him is they fed that Franklin fight to him a little early.  That's such a big jump from Leben, especially, Leben back then.


He looked great against Leben and Herman, but Rich was on a completely different level, and broke him in that fight.

Rich has done that to a few decent fighters...guys that looked like they were steamrolling and then got matched up against Ace.

Quarry, The Crow, MacDonald, etc.

I was front row cage side when his leg snapped. I was in a leg brace myself from having my own spiral fracture (the same fracture as him). I felt his pain. Literally.

I can also say the leg comes back, but never 100%.

good guy and always came to fight.

enjoy retirement man!

get him in the next tuf comeback Phone Post

J-Mac is all class. FYI, Jason isn't even ranked in BJJ. Crazy. Phone Post

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This was just posted on Twitter.

One of Canada's greats has officially called it a career, as Jason MacDonald tells sportsnet.ca he's retiring from MMA.


Sucks to hear.  Jason was always one of my favorite fighters.  Whenever a friend would say grappling in MMA is boring I would just show them MacDonald/Maia and that would quickly change their minds.  Great pioneer for Canadian MMA.  I guess he'll probably go back to being a prison gaurd.

He won't go back to being a CO.

His gym is actually very successful in Red Deer. Phone Post

I have heard that his gym was doing well, but I had also heard him say in an interview that he really missed his work as a CO.

Good fighter, always exciting. Thanks for the memories Jason!

That sad to hear. He was the Main Event at my Pro Debut. Man had some really great fights. Wish him the best. Phone Post

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grafzep - Always a fan. He had a nice run at one point there. I've always heard that his development was seriously impacted because he never trained at a better camp. I suspect some if not all the reason was because he held down a full time job. In alot of ways that makes him more impressive to me.

Yeah, I remember reading his leave of absence that he took at work recently expired as well (think he took a 3 year leave) .  But yeah, I think him and his wife also own a Crossfit gym in Red Deer.

Ya, he owns his CrossFit gym and also works on the CrossFit HQ seminar staff. He was one of the coaches at my Level 1 Cert last month. Awesome guy... and his fitness is definitely still there.

I always looked forward to a Jason MacDonald fight

Always enjoyed seeing him fight. Sad to seem him go, but seems like he's onto other things (crossfit and his gym)

Like stated above, he brought nothing but class and excitement to mma, especially in Canada.

Much respect.

Forgot about the leg break. Amazing he came back after that. Phone Post

Would have made a lot more if they would have let him on TUF early Phone Post

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I wanted to see him leave with a win.
Best of luck to you, Jason.
Thanks! Phone Post

In a way, he does :)

always liked watching him fight. i always saw and learnt something new... like watching j horn fight. his fight with maia is a classic imho.

Respect. All the best to Jason, he was a great fighter.

Back in 2003 I remember hearing about how Jason was going to be a big star in the UFC one day ... I even got to role with him back then, I was 6' & about 165lbs.. he was flipping Tall and must have out weighed me by a million pounds it only took him about 2 and a half minuts to kick my ass via body lock and choke.... (not bad for my first ever submishion grappel & better then his first apponent in the UFC LOL)

Best of luck to ya dude you were always one of my Favorite fighters!

Carry On Canada !