Javier Mendez showing off a 18yo Dagestani with a condition


Mendez dropping some Mortal Kombat Babality action in training.


Didn’t that little dude have a fight coming up?

They scrapped it


I don’t understand the appeal of that little person.

Can someone clue me in?


a real-life Benjamin Button? he’s not a child and not a midget, nobody knows what the condition is

Hasbullah was gonna get wrecked by razik

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He’s awesome

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No way.

100% he would get hurt. He isn’t physical at all while the other little freak was and that was clear in their face off.

Put some boxing gloves on those little dudes and let them go at it. Could possibly be one of the most entertaining fights ever! I don’t know if I could handle the laughter.

Abdul has athleticism and moves way better. Hasbullah moves like a toddler. Those kicks were pathetic even for a man with baby disorder. You can tell when they faced off no way the fight would even be close. Then a week or two later low and behold hasbullah declined the contract and became a fulltime youtuber.

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Look at dat little old man face

Hasbullah is pretty cool too

In what way? Can anyone explain what the actual appeal is?

Maybe if I spoke Russian I’d get it?

The appeal is as you see it, some little freak with a rare condition that tries to act like a normal 18yr old but is built and has the physicality of a 2yr old toddler!