Javier Vasquez out of UFC-46

Unfortuneatly Javi has torn his ACL again while training this past Tuesday.

He was doing some kickboxing with John Alessio when he had his knee buckle from a "light" leg kick from John. He knew right away that something was wrong and his trip to the doctor today proved him right. The first time he tore it he had the hamstring graft done, the second time (KOTC) he had the cadaver graft done and this time he'll do the cadaver graft again.

I just got off the phone with Javi, and he is in good spirits, but obviously very upset by this whole thing. He said to me that he'll still be around competing in BJJ events and the World Championships etc, but will have to step back from fighting from here on out.

This sucks as I was looking forward to the fight against Serra in January.

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That sucks... bigtime.

That's too bad. I've seen him fight live, he puts on a great show!

That sucks!Javi is a very exciting fighter!

that freaking sucks

I feel his pain... Literally.. :(

Javier Has one of the biggest hearts in all of sports.I did a little writeup on him when he tore his ACL against Crane earlier in the year. I think it is still applicable.

Another bites the dust to the injury bug

Vasquez vs Serra would've been a hellacool fight.

Damn...I can't think of anyone who deserves a UFC shot and the fame than Javi. He's what the sport needs in terms of an ambassodor. Truely a sad day for the MMA game.

I hope he doesn't retire but this is getting real shitty for him.

that sucks... Hope he recovers well.

that sucks, was really looking forward to seeing that fight. All the best to Javi


Ah man! Crappy!

dammit !! Javi is a wicked grappler !!

I really hope Javi is not retiring and will recover well, last summer i spent some time at Millenia Jiu-jitsu and i would like to thank him for his time. He was my idol before i met him and even more after. Javi is a nice guy and the best grappler i ever rolled with.

Damn, he has always been one of my favorite fighters and I was looking forward to trying to get him in the AFC.

Good luck in your future endeavours Javi.