jay glazer will explain ...

his heel hook/ ankle lock comments on this past elite xc card as well as his thoughts on tapping vs fighting until the end when caught in a rear naked choke.

jay is a top football insider too so if you have any questions about your favorite football team, post on this thread.

jay glazer on tagg radio tomorrow, friday the 6th.
9-10am pst
mma everyday!!!

Funny dialogue between Goldberg and Glazer after those comments.

Goldberg: "And whats your mma record Glazer?"

Glazer: "Like 1-4 or something"

Goldberg: "There ya go!!!!"

Another shot Goldberg took at Glazer during the Ninja fight.

Glazer: "Ninja would be better off staying in the side mount rather than going for full mount in this situation"

Goldberg: "And thats why your not fighting and in the booth with us"

Please ask him how hard it was acting like the Cung Le/Tony Fryklund fight was real


I guess Dana did not pick up Glazer for UFC shows. Big Mistake. This guy
is a top NFL insider who is on the FOX pregame show every sunday, its
very easy to slip a plug in without even trying. Actually has fought too,
why pass this guy up?

yeah i'm probably the polar opposite of glazer. Those are facts though,
Glazer is crossover mainstream media, foolish to lose him.

i'm not saying rogan gots to go, but there is a guy who sits next to rogan


Glazer and Goldberg were both awful and painful to listen to.

Did not get the PPV , but actually like Glazer on the Pride PPV's he did
with trigg, they had good chemistry. I'm sure its hard when the other guy
tries to make you look bad.

Glazer acts too much like a know it all. Where did he train and where did he fight? I know one can be a great coach/analyst/commentator without actually having fought, but still...

I thought his commentary was dangerously stupid.

He says you shouldn't tap to straight ankle locks or chokes? That's crazy. Unless you have ankles like an elephant, you can get your foot popped off - and not tapping to a choke is pointless. Why risk the chance you'll sh*t your pants as you lay there like a log? It happens, and if you're caught you should tap out.

Thanks to him, countless thousands of people got an ear-load of super bad advice.

Goldberg: "And whats your mma record Glazer?"

Glazer: "Like 1-4 or something"

So...........that means Glazer has been in 5 more real fights than Goldberg.

"So...........that means Glazer has been in 5 more real fights than Goldberg."

I'm willing to bet that Goldberg has been in more "real" fights.

Goldberg is the worst. In my opinion all current and former professional wrestlers should be banned from participating in any MMA program.

Their over the top vocal antics and association with a fake sport bring nothing to the MMA table.

Yeah we really need a guy telling people that your not a man if you tap to a heel hook. Fantastic.

I hope he makes some Frank Trigg baldy jokes. Those never get old.