Jay Herein contact information

I am looking to get in touch with Jay Herein for an upcoming fight. If anyone has his number or email address could you contact Louis Neglia at (718) 372-9089 or email at promoter@ringofcombat.com

didn't he move out to vegas?

I heard he was out there training with Phil but I would like to get him on the Nov 20th Ring of Combat.

He's one of my closest training partners.


I'll hook it up.

Is he teaching you how to get KTFO by Georges like he did? j/k but I do want to see that fight go down.

jay is a very good fighter and its always good to see him in action,make it happen lou

careful what you wish for...

MayheM is correct!

hell yea, I can respect that you want tough fights. SOMEBODY MAKE IT HAPPEN!