JDS: I'm going to have a long career

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                                JDS: I'm going to have a long career

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                    <p>On Saturday night at UFC on FOX 8, Junior dos Santos and Stipe Miocic set a new record of combined significant strikes landed in a UFC heavyweight fight, with 222. Unbelievably, it was 10% MORE than Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva, who combined for 202 at UFN 33.</p>

Miocic went in with the game plan written by Cain Velasquez - apply heavy, constant pressure with both strikes and wrestling. It worked, at first.

Vefore the fight JDS told Guilherme Cruz a truth.

"JDS told me before the fight you can't fight like Velasquez for 25 minutes if you're not Velasquez," said Cruz. Dos Santos was right, and ended up winning a five round unanimous decision.

At some point, maybe afterwards, a lot of fans wondered how long JDS could keep it up without risking long-term damage to his health. However, at the post fight press conference, he expressed confidence that he would be able to keep fighting for a long time.

"I can go a very long, man," he said, as transcribed by Sherdog. "I really believe I’m gonna have a long career. t doesn’t matter too much. It’s part of the [game]. I get swollen very easy. It happens. I’m feeling OK, just swollen.”

“I think I was doing OK, but yeah, he did great in the first two rounds. He’s a really tough opponent, came very well prepared for this fight. I believe I can win any fight. It doesn’t matter what happens during the fight, I will keep believing until the end of the fight.

“It’s hard to understand sometimes, but I really believe I have a warrior heart.”

“I’m not thinking about the title right now, but anything the UFC wants me to do, whoever they decide to be my next opponent, I will be glad to face. I really believe this fight showed a lot of good things about both of us. Miocic is a great athlete. I try my best all the time. This time I won.”

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Not if he fights Cain again Phone Post 3.0

We all hope he does also... but man he takes a fuckin beating... too many of those and its bad news..

Itdoesntmatter - We all hope he does also... but man he takes a fuckin beating... too many of those and its bad news..
This indeed. He has taken some serious beatings lately. No way he should keep up that style of fighting. Phone Post 3.0

Itdoesntmatter - We all hope he does also... but man he takes a fuckin beating... too many of those and its bad news..
Agreed Phone Post 3.0

I'll be shocked if a single non-troll post from any UGer agrees with that statement...

JDS X TRAVIS BROWNE would be great

I hope. He's fun to watch.

Well the only guy to beat the shit out of him was Cain

Remember when he beat Mir without a scratch?

Or dominated Carwin without a problem?

Or finished many with little to no problem?

He's still untouchable but not against Cain, Stipe is a tough opponent, simple really Phone Post 3.0

Cain didn't exactly get out of the JDS fight unscathed. He was pretty busted up as well.

I mean, being a fan of Junior as a person, as well as a fighter, I hate seeing him take this kind of punishment, but at the same time, he was able to beat Hunt, Mir, Carwin, Nelson, Gonzaga, Yvel, Cro-Cop, Struve and Werdum without really taking much damage...

I'm wondering if the Cain fights really took something out of JDS long term, or if Miocic was just better than all the previous opponents JDS was able to fuck-up with relative ease.

This JDS fella is a really swell guy.

sillyscreenname - This JDS fella is a really swell guy.

swollEN guy imo

He needs to change his style. Use more head movement and maybe use his ground game Phone Post 3.0

Enough with the popcorn muscles, JDS. You need to become a lean fighting machine if you're going to survive. Phone Post 3.0

seems like half his strategy in every fight is from the Homer Simpson boxing tapes.

I love the guy but i don't think that's the right recipe for a long career.