Jean Jacques' new book now avail.

Jean Jacques new book "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship Techniques" is now available through his website.

Check it out at

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


I can't wait to see it, Jeff do you have nothing better to do.

Looking forward to it !

I can't wait to get it.

Dave, no I do not.

Is this a follow up to the previous book (same focus, additional material), or a different animal entirely (different focus, different material)?


I believe it is all gi techniques this time around. In some instances it is like a sequel. I have not had a chance to really go through it, but some of the items that caught my eye were some cool half-guard sweeps, guard pass counters, and of course submissions.

In other instances its like a prequel. He goes over the basic but extremely important movements that are essential to developing a solid game. Strategy is also covered. The end of the book covers point scoring, and what I thought was pretty cool - a complete listing of legal and illegal competition techniques for each belt.

Please dont consider this a review, I have not had the time to go through it thoroughly, but from what I have seen it does compliment his other book nicely.





This book is on the Christmas list! Santa, are you listening? Santa?