Jeff Bedard looking for sponsors sept.26

I am fighting on the AFL card in Columbus, Ga.!! There will be 6 to 8 thousand in attendance and a lot of Ft.Benning soldiers will be there as this is helping support the fallen soldiers foundation. I am the Main Event and looking for some sponsors for this fight. Please contact me at
Thanks Jeff Bedard

god damn last name Bedard!!!!!

shiloh where is the love buddy and who r u?

lol im nobody man lol.

a while back i was fucking with you randomly because i hate a guy with your last name lol. somehow it came off as serious and people got mad at me for it lol.

anyway. nothing personal at all lol.

but fuck bedard!! hahha

None taken, i remember the post and thought what did i do.

Don't mess with Bedard.

Get him some sponsors instead!



TTT for Lil' Popeye!!

 ttt! What weight? Who are you fighting?

I am fighting at 135 the Main Event and my opponent is Joey Marmiberga (spelling). Kaitlin do u have some contacts?

 ttt for Jeff


get this man some money

ttt for a great guy.


Damn shouldn't you be in the WEC already??

I was and went 2-1. My only lose was to Torres which i took on 2 weeks notice and then for whatever reason i was shelved after helping them out on 2 weeks notice. So i asked for my release since i wasn't fighting and they gave it to me thankfully. Maybe one day i can get a rematch with Torres.

LOL@ the WEC shelving someone for losing to Torres on two weeks notice.

At least they didn't act like assholes when you asked to be released...but still. Losing to Torres on short notice? You should have been matched up with any number of 135ers out there who were near the top....

Fights with Beebe, Maeda, Banuelos or Tapia could have been very exciting and gotten you right back in the title hunt.

Poo poo!