Jens basic open guard

On Jens 1st Guard dvd what is the content of the open guard section? Is that dvd really basic or does it has some info someone with a little experience could benefit from?

I would say the material is good for a new white to blue. Beyond that, I
am sure you have seen the material. Lots of hip movement drills to
control distance and leverage.

from what i remember, it teaches open guard control first, then open guard techniques. if you have never learned the basics of open guard 'control' i would recommend it for sure. combine that stuff with the roy harris open guard control basics on andrew yao's site and you will have a good amount of material to draw from.

What is Andrew Yaos site?

you can get to purple belt even without having practiced drills like those specifically, i would say it's good up to that level too.

Some people can pick such moves up themselves without drilling them ... so it is not absolutely necessary to do these drills...

but I really liked this tape cause these drills are really good for developing an open guard for beginners...if you have students then check this out to teach them better...



If you don't understand the open guard and are just doing what you see other people do (putting your feet, hooks on a certain part of the body or grabbing a certain area) then this set will be good for you.

although it might not be 'necessary' to do these drills, for most, it would be a more efficient way to train.

From my teaching experience, I find that most people find it difficult to keep their opponent's in their open guard when they do not have an established control position (like spider guard). The reason is that grabbing a controlling position and holding on strong is easy. It is very easy especially when someone does not know how to counter and remove that control. However, once you meet someone who know how to remove that control, are unable to get another control position, and begins to pass, most beginners end up being completely lost. The UG1 open guard DVD is designed to teach techniques and concepts to maintain your open guard when you do not have an establish control position. I eventually teach established control positions in UG2. I show control positions AFTER because if they are ever countered, you can always fall back on the the open guard maintenance techniques from UG1 which will help you regain control again.