Jens Pulver Talks About the Haters

Jens Pulver Interview via Chicago's MMA 

 great interview, thanks

 Sounds positive, hope he gets the thing done Saturday.


I love the part where he said he wife just dropped him off and drove away.. lol

Let's kick some ass Jens!!!!

Great interview.. Thanks for posting it chicagosmma

Pulver fan for life!

here's the link to checkout his new "Johnny Cash"-ish theme song he was talking about.....

pretty cool tune, but I liked the Wicket ("Lil Evil") one better

 Thanks for the kind words...kinda hard not to get a good interview with Jens!

Wait - that song is not Johnny Cash? Jesus. That's creepy.

I hope Jens wins this one. But even if he doesn't my opinion of him won't change; he is now - and has always been - one of the good guys of the sport.