Jeremy Bailey what a punk!

Anyone seen this guy! I just saw an old fight of his in Cage Rage 8, when he fought Phil Gildea. What a disgrace to the sport, he sucker punches Gildea at the beginning when the rules are getting instructed to them and then after that he acts like a total fool running around the ring trying to get at Gildea. Right there they should have DQ'd him but they let the fight them fight for some strange reason? I mean it was a sucker hay maker trying to do damage.

Then later in the fight he Gildea with a punch and then tries jumping on him to only get reversed then he gives an illegal upkick when Gilea is on his knees. The fight gets stopped and Bailey throws his mouth piece out into the crowd. Bailey singles Gildea over to shake hands and then sucker punches him again this time breaking his nose!!!

Why did Cage Rage have this scum bag ever again in their promotion? He is a terrible fighter and it's a joke any promotion would ever let him fight again. Apparently Cage is running a trail park promotion which in all honesty makes me shudder anyone would support such a classless fighter???

I don't know who the promoters are out there but I want a fight with this guy. I can make the 170 so if Bailey has the balls I would love to do this. How can I get a hold of his management?


Mike O'borne


Anyone know how to get into contact with this coward's management?

where did he learn to fight... 1860's new york city?

I'm not sure but he sucker Gildea brutally after he asked him over to shake hands. Anyone out there see this fight? It's seriously a bad joke, seriously how can I get a fight with this guy?

put him in with tony galindo... first one to get KO'd is stomped to death by the other guy

Seems like a total asshole, I've met quite a few of them. It's a sport for Christs sake why are you trying to do dirty tricks to win. Like Gerard Gordeau biting and blinding a guy.

Is there any pictures of the trailer trash?

It seems strange that Joe was attacked the day before he was supposed to fight Bailey? I put money on it the thugs that attacked Joe were a couple of Bailey's boys. He obviously knows Joe is going to kill him and he's terrified to take the fight so he hires a couple of goons to try and take him out the day before the fight. I just seems a little too conveinent of timing to me.

ttt, no idea how to contact him, but he sounds like a dick so I hope you get the fight and wreck him.

TTT hey guys anyone out there know who to get into contact with Bailey's management?


I've met him he's a nice guy and after that fight he went into the dressing room and apoligized to the other fighter it was on a documentary. Its a heel gimmick mostly, back then it sold tickets now he just has a laugh with it and Andy and Dave know that.

For instance Jeremy was scheduled to fight Jason Barret again and there was huge hype and both of them bad mouthing each other but at an event Jason got his arm broken and Jeremy was one of the first into the cage to make sure he was alright.

Its not always black and white

Well that was b.s, sure he apologized but that's just because he wanted to be brought back to Cage Rage. Pushing someone would after the fight is over would be bad sportsmanship but he suckered him not once but twice. He only did that so he wouldn't ruin his career. The fans where turning on him at the event.

So you can defend him all you want but if you know how to get into contact with him I would like to set up a fight with him and if he tries to sucker punch me he'll be very sorry he tried too...

TTT let's make this happen!!!

TTT for "pseudo" Tough guys getting their just desserts...

judoo tough guy


It was in the dressing room and the guys at Cage Rage know what he's like already he's not got the "Bad boy" nickname for no reason. I wasnt defending his actions btw and I dont have a contact for him.

However if we keep this at the top theres a couple of Brits that probably do.