Jeremy Horn 24-9 ??

I recently got the UCC 6 & 7 DVDs. They are definatly worth the price. I liked alot of the match-ups. Getting these events is a good way to get familiar with alot of the Canadian fighters. I like #7 better. Some of the fights-
Jeremy Horn vs Stephan Potinv
CJ Fernandez vs Donald Ouimet
Pain Peters vs Stephane Ouellet
John Allesio vs Sean Pierson
David Loiseau vs Joe Doerksen

The thread title is about how they announced Jeremy Horn. The announcer says that record, and Jeremy gets a WTF look on his face. He turns and looks at Matt Hughes and gives him a look too like, "Is this guy serious?" lol. He ends up slaming his poor oppenet and knockin him out cold to win the LHW UCC title. Good stuff

website to order??

#7 is sold out at a few places.

Try this-

That site will tell you the cheapest deal for any dvd title that is widely distrubted. Use the search button and when you find the title(UCC6/7) click on them. They will list all the sites that have it starting with the cheapest deal. I got both of them for under 10 bucks each.

Thank you. has them for $8.99 each w/ free shipping.

lol. I noticed that too first time i watched. Definitly two good events. Wal-mart's up here in Canada sell both events.

The best part is the ring girls. UCC/TKO have the best ring girls in the business.

Horn looks like he's getting ready to shoot a game of pool before the match, he's so relaxed...


he is just leaning on the ropes chatting it up all calm, its great

never mind i misread.

i thought you mean tthe announcer had a WTF look on his face


I believe he has won almost that many in one year

IS that his record for last month.

Jeremy Horn is God!

That is all.