Jeremy Horn Seminar Nov. 18th

Jeremy will be back in the midwest going a seminar at my gym in Decatur Illinois. space is limited. To reserve your spot email me at, or call me 217-433-1433. Jason Reinhardt (the best part, i'm making this very affordable for only $40. 40 bucs to learn from the most experience No hold Barred fighter on the planet.

Jason is the seminar December 18th???? 

I have atteneded a Horn Seminar and it was AWESOME. I highly suggest it to anyone who can attend.

I mean Dec 18th!! Jenifer Howe jumped my ass about the wrong date. LOL (there's just something about a girl who can knock you out, that you don't want on your bad side.) I already got my nose broke by one chick. by, the way, she was just messing with me for getting the date wrong. it was pretty funny.

i hope everyone can make it

Jason I need you to call me so I can send you out some supplements.

Luke Caudillo

We had Jeremy down for a seminar and it was great!!!!

Jeremy gives tremendous seminars. I have been to three I
think? Just tremendous.

I was there on November 18th and the doors were locked.

Damn it..


Wish I could go...when is your next one.

Jason Reinhardt, when is your next show?