Jeremy Horn's Upcoming FIghts

How long will it be before he enters the UFC as a MW or LHW? Based off these fights coming up, I do not see how Zuffa can ignore him any longer:

May 6 - Jeremy Horn Vs. Chael Sonnen
May 22 - Jeremy Horn vs. Carmelo Brown
June 26 - Jeremy Horn vs. Anderson Silva

And with these recent past fights:

Dec 6 - Jeremy Horn Vs. Dean Lister - Decision
January 16 - Jeremy Horn Vs. Ron Fields - TKO
February 28 - Jeremy Horn Vs. David Loiseau - Submission

ALSO in 2003 he beat:

Travis Fulton
Chalid Arrab
Homer Moore
Vernon White
William Hill
Mikhail Avetisyan
FOrrest Griffin

Drew with James Zikic
and was beaten almost with a controversy by Renato Sobral. Sobral did not dominate Horn, which is a testament to his ability.

I guess I just want to see a hard working person get paid their dues......

Team Extreme's schedule in May and June...

May 6: Jeremy Horn vs. Chael Sonnen; Andre Roberts vs. Gabe Beauperthuy; Mike Radnov vs. Chris Geschke (Extreme Challenge 57 in Council Bluffs, Iowa).

May 7: Tony Fryklund vs. Matt Lindland (ROTR in Honolulu, Hawaii).

May 7: Kerry Schall vs. Chris Herring (ICE 9 in Fairfield, Ohio).

May 7: Jason Medina vs. Matt Bear (Iowa Challenge in Davenport, Iowa).

May 14: Joe Doerksen vs. Chris Leben; Spencer Fisher vs. Carlo Prater (FFC in Biloxi, Miss.).

May 15: Travis Wiuff vs. TBA (Jungle Fight 2 in the Amazon).

May 21: Amir Rahnavardi vs. Kengo Ura (WEC 10 in Lemoore, Calif.).

May 22: Jeremy Horn vs. Carmelo Brown; Tony Fryklund vs. Buck Greer; Rich Clementi vs. Eddie Yagin; Jason Medina vs. Adam Lynn; LaVerne Clark vs. TBA (PXC International Showdown in Guam).

June 5: Jason Black vs. Gideon Ray (Ironheart Crown in Hammond, Ind.).

June 11: Dave Menne vs. Todd Carney; Travis Wiuff vs. TBA (Extreme Challenge 58 in Medina, Minn.).

June 18: Jorge Gurgel in 8-man tourney; Andre Roberts vs. TBA (Super Brawl in Honolulu, Hawaii).

June 19: Matt Hughes vs. Charuto Verissimo; Tim Sylvia vs. Frank Mir (UFC in Las Vegas, Nev.).

June 26: Kerry Schall vs. Damien Decorah (XFO 2 in Fontana, Wis.).

June 26: Jeremy Horn vs. Anderson Silva (Seoul, S. Korea).


good info!

Not sure if its UFC not wanting him or Horn not wanting UFC

"There's a good chance Jeremy will lose to Anderson."

As much as I like Anderson, I'd say that there's only a very small chance that Horn will lose to him.

Jeremy Horn straight up loves to fight, how can you not respect this guy.


Rich is also promoting Reality Combat in New Orleans a week after he fights Yagin in Guam.

Anderson Silva beating Jeremy Horn????????

Outta your flippin mind.

What event are Horn and Silva fighting against each other in?

For shame! A cut and paste off of and no citing of your source? Knoxville, you need to give credit where it is due.

You are totally right about Horn though. He deserves to be in there!

I think Horn vs Silva is in Korea. I also think Horn is the man, and he's only getting better. Silva is dangerous enough to win this though, so it should be good.


"What event are Horn and Silva fighting against each other in?"

Ultra FC

horn is a cool dude

"He has the best defense in the sport and is never "banged up" or injured after a fight. He's never been ko'ed in 100 + fights, or even close to it. Pretty impressive."

'Pretty impressive'... LOL, just a bit.

Many would KILL to fight like him, yet it seems promoters do anything to not have fighters like him... Something is wrong with that.


That is all.

I think that Jeremy only has 1 loss in his last 20 fights? (Babalu)

Politics and agenda's ruin the sport.

I've said too much already.

ttt for a great fighter and even better person.



Does anyone know if those PXC International Showdown events in Guam are going out on tape or DVD?

I don't think there will be much of a weight difference between Horn and Silva. Horn is now fighting at 185, and I think Anderson fights around that weight range as well. So unless there's no weight limit for the match, I assume they'll be around the same size.

Horn should pose a lot of problems for Anderson. Anderson is used to having a height advantage over his opponents, so he uses those long limbs of his during the grappling portions of his fights....I don't think his limbs will be any longer than Jeremy's.

"ttt for a great fighter and even better person."

Thanks JHR, but I am not really all that great of a fighter! ;)