Jermey Jackson -Momita

When I found out what your tragedy was I knew exactly how tough a time this is for you. My younger brother was killed because of a drunk driver, it has been over 9 years but I remember how tough it is to deal with right now for you guys.

I just know you Jermey as a fellow fighter briefly met you a couple times. Momita have never met you but its awesome that you are so supportive of this sport, that's a cool mom!

I would rather of course to have anything else in common with you two, you two obviously have lots of friends to keep you busy, I hope they can help you keep your head up.

My sister and I just knew that our brother liked to see us happy and enjoying life. Your son and brother I am sure wanted the same with you, that thought will help you feel better more and more as time goes on.

Oscar and Ben- missed little brothers, sons.

I feel for you,


I know that Erin Toughill(sp?) just lost her sister tragically as well. You just never know. I am in the Middle East for the 3rd time this year and I miss and adore my family so much. Appreciate and take care of your families. They are the only people that really belong to you....... I, too, have never met momita but I envy Jeremy for his mother's support. Stay Strong Friends!

Sean Sullivan