Jersey Joe vs Iron Mike?

Who you got? Jersey Joe is big enough to KO any man who ever lived, has bags of skill and gave some of the best fighters who ever lived a torrid time.

Mike needs no introduction

That's a weird match-up. By weird, I mean I have never thought of it before. Off the top of my head I'd say tht Walcott was cute and crafty enough to frustrate the shit out of Tyson. He had a good punch too, but he was KO'd by smaller, albeit better men (Louis, Marciano) but took crazy shots from both guys and lasted 4x vs the great Ezzard Charles.

Tyson obviously had a big punch and good speed, but he got frustrated by guys who tied him up and fought him back. Think Jersey Joe would have a good chance.

Martin? Chappie?

lol@bonehugger smith

My thoughts align with yours on this one Buddie, this is oddly a matchup that I have never considered before. I could easily envision Walcott playing Tyson as a fool by continuing to walk Mike into numerous traps and frustrating the shit out of Mike to the point that he mentally breaks down, but I can also easily envision Tyson landing a big shot early on Walcott and taking him out.

I think that both guys tend be overrated historically, Tyson far more so, based on the elevated degree of passion that their respective fans seem to have for each guy. Tyson fans are mainly made up of people who know little of boxing history and simply equate Mike's attitude and ability to brutally knock out cans as being indicative of greatness. On the flip side, however, a number of Walcott fans seem to be so highly enamored by Walcott's footwork and grandiose showboating that they overlook the incontrovertible fact that he lost to a large number of B level fighters during the course of his career. If forced to pick between the two though, I would put my money on the old man from New Jersey. Phone Post 3.0

i can see walcott taking this. tyson would have been dangerous to him in the first 3-4 rounds but thats about it.. pinklon 'i signed while in rehab' thomas had mike flummoxed for a second, the corpse of larry holmes looked pretty good as well and the legendary quick tillis went 10. guys who actually knew how to fight did okay against even 'prime' tyson

Tyson could be outboxed. Biggs outboxed him early, we know what happened with Douglas too. But Tyson was good and he broke Biggs down and wore him out and Buster had a rough time along the way. I don't see Walcott, who was crafty, but not a classic boxer and obviously much smaller than both those guys, trying outbox Tyson from the outside.

Holyfield put the blueprint for beating Tyson together. Hit him coming in, tie him up in close, let the ref break the clinch, immediately hit him on the way out and use good counter punching. Tyson was good, but he was also a front runner and he was an ordinary fighter after 6 rounds. He also got frustrated when he couldn't dictate the action. Tyson also didn't have anything that Walcott didn't face.

biggs out boxed him until he caved from the pressure. jose ribalta in their first fight was making him look silly. pinklon thomas, holmes. douglas. only difference between buster and those guys is he didn't eventually wilt under the pressure. i don't think walcott folds. if he makes a mistake it's lights out of course. but walcott coud definitely have done it, i make him the underdog here but him winning wouldn't be out of the question. tyson bashing is my favorite subject. had a guy recently tell me tyson was better than frazier. i asked him what fighter did tyson beat before douglas that frazier wouldn't have beat? and then what fighter after prison did he beat that frazier wouldn't have beat as well? but the clincher is that frazier would have beat douglas and he would have beat holyfield

Tyson was outboxed by freaking Frans Botha for pete's sake. I agree with everything that pharochuck said, except I'd pick Holyfield over Frazier in a classic.

Frazier V Holyfield would be some fight.

I got Frazier

Yeah I think Tyson was lazy ( relatively speaking of course).

I think he was so used to people freaking out when they felt his power that it affected his work ethic. Then when people could take his power and still wanted to fight, he didn't have the fitness or desire to keep up his early effort.

buddie - Tyson was outboxed by freaking Frans Botha for pete's sake. I agree with everything that pharochuck said, except I'd pick Holyfield over Frazier in a classic.

you think so? it would be a war but i think prime 70-71 frazier beats holyfield. definitely not a walk over. holyfield was tough as nails, sharp puncher and definitely always came ready to fight 

Style wise, Holyfield and Frazier were my favorite two fighters ever at HW. The fight would be a brawl in a phone booth. I think he outlasts Smokin' Joe.