Jesse Ventura talks MMA on Larry King Live

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                                Jesse Ventura talks MMA on Larry King Live

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Jesse Ventura talks about mixed martial arts with L.K. He also comments about Brock Lesnars un-professional post fight interview at UFC-100

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good stuff from a true american hero

they call it the ultimate martial arts


he's the man

wow - he said it right



"with a Stoner machine gun, no one should get that close."


I hate to say it, but he was kind of correct.

i wish he would run for president

Ventura is a nutter this guy actually believes that the world trade centers were taken down by thermite paint.

great interview.

So he's come to the conclusion that its real? Didnt he say on Howard Stern that it was just very stiff pro wrestling?

Ventura always seems to give entertaining interviews. It's not very often that you hear a former or active politician in the media have a rational discussion about mma.

At one point in the past, if I recall correctly, Ventura was speaking negatively about mma but after attending a few events it sounds like he changed his mind. I give him credit for being open minded enough to actually check it out and the humility to change his stance once he was fully informed. I personally wouldn't vote for him if he were to ever run for president but he's still a cool guy who has a lot of life experience to draw from.



TTT for the Body


Ventura has always been a pretty cool dude, imo. I've met him a few times at the Navy SEAL reunions every August.

Wow, Jesse actually gets this one right.


 but arnold kicked his ass in the running man