Jessica Andrade would 'love' to fight Miesha Tate if she does eventually move down to 125

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That would mean removing her tits at this point.

Which brings up an interesting thought. Boobs can weigh (up to) ~3 pounds each and offer no performance. I wonder how much being flat chested gives female fighters an advantage.

I suggest - open weight and ONLY scissoring.

I don’t know about being flat but getting implants in a sport where weight can matter so much is beyond ridiculous yet Miesha and others did it anyway.

I don’t understand how she just talks about all these imaginary title fights around the corner.

She left for years, returned to win an uneventful decision against a journeryman and then lost. But the reality is she’s still probably the classic one win from another WMMA title fight.

What a joke.


So we really have to deal with the “I’m moving to 125 because I won’t fight a friend” narrative, rather than, “like every man in the sport, if you’re getting your ass kicked, you move down to the next weight class” reality.

if we are basing this on vaginas, I say mieshas vagina takes it