Jessica-Rose Clark details 2020 slip in sobriety

The UFC flyweight talks about her five-week slip from sobriety. Any Underground folks out there know that feeling of falling off the wagon of sobreity?

UFC’s Jessica-Rose Clark is almost 3 years sober after a 5-week slip last year

This title does not make sense at all.

She says this happened in January so that is this year not last year. Let me fix it for you.

UFC’s Jessica-Rose Clark is almost 0 years sober after a 5-week slip this year


That title makes no sense
Slipping last year is not 3 years sober


I know about it all to well . Slipped once , been 3.5 years clean since


That word sobriety I do not think it means what you think it means.

Up next Cali sober/ NA hard drug sober.

Drank for 5 weeks last year. Going on 3 years sober…


That her last fight DIDN’T go the distance is more newsworthy than her “5-week slip from sobriety”

“Slip in 10 fight decision streak as Clark actually finishes opponent”

Seriously…a finish in wmma is worth highlighting

I will start by saying that some of my favourite MMA moments have been in WMMA.

But why are we even hearing about a fighter with a record of 3-2?

I’ve been sober my entire life except for the brief lapse between the age of 14 and 37. Never touched a drop.

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MMA “journalism”
Just LOL

She radiates crazy.

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face tattoos alone tell you that

it is a shame; she is a very pretty girl, with a rocking body.

All the ink, the fighting, and social media whore behavior…she aint the one you bring home to meet mom.

they are just trying to set the title shot up, i mean she has a winning record so iiiiiiiiiiiiit’s time

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