Jesus CHRIST this elbow

God damn! That one had some pepper on it! Phone Post 3.0

Oh. Oh my. Oh my god!


Dat sound!

It sounded like the guy signaling ten seconds left in the round. Phone Post 3.0

That KO is from 2012.

Nice highlight of knockouts from 2012 brutal ones included. Knees, punches, headkicks and elbows :)
If blue would be so kind..


that's the type fo strike that deserves a 1960s batman style caption when it lands

Aaronrodgers=GOAT - Did be break his jaw ? What was the snap ? Phone Post 3.0
That was the sound of the soul's umbilical cord to the body snapping. Phone Post 3.0

in Phone Post 3.0

Sub Phone Post 3.0

pretty sure that sound was added afterwards.. it sounds too loud. not mixed too loud but too much gain on it & sounds fizzy towards the end