Jet Li in MMA

I just seen a clip of his new movie. Does anyone know if he's got a ground game. I'd love to see him go at it against someone like Razor Rob..


so Razor Rob could ktfo Jet Li?

will jet have his wire team with him?

Jet said in an interview in one of his movies (the one that featured Cuck,tito and randy) that he would never fight, that he is not a fighter, and that they would all likely kick his ass.

Stark beat me to it.  It was Cradle 2 The Grave.

Tito looked like he weighed 240 in that movie..

Dude have you seen Jet li's flying kick!... jk

I've had arguments where people told me Jet Li would beat Tyson.

In Tyson's prime, NO WAY.. Now, maybe..