JGaethje Is Not Retiring

Justin Gaethje has refuted any rumors that he’s considering walking away from the UFC and mixed martial arts.

After Gaethje suffered a submission loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title at UFC 254 he said he wanted a quick turnaround. However, that has yet to be the case as “The Highlight” is still sitting on the sidelines and a recent Instagram DM from a training partner of Gaethje hinted that the former interim champ was thinking about retirement.
Ryan Charlebois is a 3-0 pro fighter who’s coming off back-to-back wins in LFA and is a regular training partner of Gaethje. In the alleged DM’s, Charlebois said that he has no idea when Gaethje will fight next but he doubts it’s going to be soon.

He then added “He’s frustrated. UFC is denying him the fights he wants and he’s been discussing retirement. The Khabib loss took a lot out of him. The first few months especially were rough for him at the gym, it’s clear the loss changed him,” Charlebois said about Gaethje.

From what I heard he has turned down multiple fights.

also this “UFC is denying him the fights he wants”…he doesnt call the shots. Especially when you got thoroughly owned in your last fight. Take a rebound fight and stop bitching.

Yeah because Gaethje is a guy with a history of turning down fights. Even if he has declined a few recently - the guy has been a fight anyone, anywhere, anytime fighter. He has been one of the most entertaining fighters in UFC history and just fought for a belt - if anyone should wait for the right fight, it should be him.

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I agree…what I am saying is that since the Khabib loss, he has turned down fights and said he would only accept a title fight. So for him to come out and say he is frustrated with the UFC because they are denying him fights is stupid. He needs a rebound fight, or he can take the Chandler fight


He is Stoney baloney

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