Jim Miller vs. Fabricio Camoes

Up next... I got Miller

I picked Miller.

I say camoes.

Feeling the upset.

5-1 Phone Post 3.0

What score are u guys? Phone Post 3.0

Have to say I don't care who wins this one Phone Post 3.0

Hey is that Vitor's little brother?

I say Miller 1st or 2nd round KO or TKO.

Miller all day Phone Post 3.0

The air humping by the lady with the Brazil flag. Lol.

Camoes went 25 minutes w/Anderson Silva early in his career.

Sick armbar!

Wow. Great submission! What was with the gable grip around the leg. Anyone elaborate?

Bitchin win by Miller...


5-2 Phone Post 3.0

just stops him stepping out and taking pressure off arm or..?

Wow that was sweet Phone Post 3.0

Great armbar...

Ahh thanks eggs

Wow that was sweet! Mr big bjj Phone Post 3.0