Jimmy Pedro signs with K-1

True story. I talked to him at a COSTCO about MMA, and he said that he will be fighting Marcelo Garcia.


Vote for pedro indeed.


"of the i never heard of ya Pedros?"

...ummm, the dude is one of the best American judo players out there. two bronze olympic medals.

and a gold at the 99 world championships

Jimmy is the pride of the USA when it comes to Judo. He is truly one of the few American Judokas that are worth a damn.

He's a great Judoka. Had no idea that he was interested in MMA. Interesting if this is a true account.

"Let me guess he isn't a solid wrestler and he lacks solid boxing?"

World class judoka, and I believe he was an All-American in wrestling while in college.

This isn't true.

Would be great if it was though.