Jiu Jitsu in West Hartford, CT?

UG, where is a good place to train Gi BJJ in West Hartford CT? I'll be here until Christmas day. My brother and I trained years ago at the Royce Gracie affiliate but their schedule doesn't work for us this trip.

Don't let me down UG! Phone Post

I believe under dog BJJ is in west Hartford

I live on the hartford/west hartford border. I'll do some digging but I know when I looked around a few months ago for a good place to train under a black belt the best I could find is a Renzo Gracie acadamy in west haven, about 30-40 min away.

I'll look around though and post any decent looking spots in the hartford area.

My brother emailed someone at underdog, we'll probably go check them out tomorrow. Anyone been? Opinions? Phone Post

I forgot about underdog, I've heard good things but have never been there myself.

Check out plus one in west hartford. Nice people there. If you dont mind driving 30-45 minutes then you cand find a bunch of places.